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Distribution of supplementary feeds and raw materials
for livestock farms and
compound feed manufacturers

NEOCONS Plus Ltd. was founded in 2011, but we have been active in the field of animal feeding since 2005. Over the past 17 years, we have strengthened our competences and expanded our product range in line with the needs and opportunities of the industry.

We serve animal farms – pig, cattle and poultry – and compound feed manufacturers with modern solutions.

We offer both our own products and those of our distributors, helping to increase our customers’ productivity and improve their profitability.

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Why you should choose us

The secret of our success lies in having excellent, unique and personal relationships with our partners and colleagues alike, because success can only be achieved together in this unique and diverse market!

Bódi Zsolt and Evelin Buri

100% domestic ownership

We have 16 years of professional experience in the animal feed market, which we have been leveraging for 10 years with NEOCONS Plus Kft. As a domestic family business, we know and understand the market, we see and seize opportunities, we adapt to challenges.

Innovative products

We are open to new trends. In addition to our own products based on unique recipes, we also offer the feed and livestock industries products that are known and recognized on the world market.


We aim at preserving the virtues of our family business, even as our company continues to grow dynamically: to continue to serve our existing and new partners flexibly and with their specific needs in mind, taking advantage of the possibilities of modern feeding.

Dedicated team

Together with our highly qualified and recognized professionals, we are able to offer our partners the latest technologies and products available, keeping pace with the dynamic changes in the market.

Our cooperating partners

Archer Daniels Midland Company

The Chicago-based US company is both a dominant player and a pioneer in the sector. By adding our former partner, Neovia Group, to its portfolio as well as retaining and further developing its product range, it is helping to promote healthy agro-culture worldwide with its supplementary feeds.


The excellent and reliable products of the French company are innovators not only in the field of livestock farming, but also in the fight for sustainability. Its product range includes vitamins, methionone, probiotic, enzyme, organic selenium.


Our Danish partner's feed supplements are targeted at pig and cattle farmers. They provide a solution to combat heat stress and support the immune system with a wide range of immunoglobulin and milk powder supplements.


A leading international premix and service provider business brand, which belongs to ADM and is a key player in the animal nutrition and health sector for over 60 years.


The company, which is also part of the Neovia Group, has a wide range of products for farmers, from sweeteners to microelements and activated carbon-based supplementary feeds.


As part of the Neovia Group, the company provides professional assistance in acidification from Poland.

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“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” UN report entitled “Our common future”, 1988

The 193 member countries of the United Nations have defined 17 sustainability goals in Agenda 2030, the framework for Sustainable Development. 

Among these goals, our commitments are HEALTH AND WELL-BEING (3) as well as CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION FOR ALL (6):

  • We are committed to building sustainable economies
  • In the livestock sector, we offer antibiotic-free products to reduce the use of medicines, thereby protecting the quality of our waters
  • By distributing quality feed supplements and raw materials, we contribute to:
    • the provision of healthier food through healthier livestock
    • the realization of higher yields and the increase in profitability through better feed utilization